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We are a company of 100% US Military Veterans. The Off Road Republic community is a growing group of overlanding, off-roading, tactical and survival minded people. Our mission is to provide resources and teach skills that allow you to be safe, healthy, and active outdoors. Our staff is comprised of experts in survival, tactics, off-roading, firearms, and more.

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Our website hosts articles by US Military Veterans and First Responders. Pulling from a vast amount of experience and knowledge, these articles are designed to be educational and motivational coming straight from the mouths of experts. We strive to be better today than we were yesterday and these articles are an opportunity for us to share our experience and training with anyone who needs it. We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to email us with a topic request!

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Latest article: Introduction to Campsite Security

How often do we overlook this critical aspect of camping or overlanding? We pull into a spot and think, “This has good shade” or, “This has a fire pit already” or, “Look at that view!” This is normal and perfectly fine. Things like that can enhance your camping or overlanding experience; but I want to give you some things to think about as well. Once you’ve put some of these things on your mind, it’ll come to you easily. Campsite security can mean many different things. To better understand this, read this week's article here.

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