Every Day Carry, by David

Whether you are a professional or are concerned due to the civil unrest around the country, EDC is a topic that should be at the forefront of your mind. What should you carry when you leave home? What situations can you be prepared for? Can you protect your family? Rest easy, I’ve got you covered.


Here’s a brief list of what I consider to be “Every Day Carry”.


Concealed Handgun

This is my primary EDC item, though I hope to never employ it in an EDC capacity. People are limited by their local laws, profession and whether or not they possess a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) in order to carry one.


Training is the most important point that cannot be stressed enough when it comes to carrying a firearm in any capacity. The typical CHP class simply doesn’t train an individual to carry a handgun and make potential life or death choices with it in society, let alone begin to understand the legal ramifications of those choices. The class only covers the basic law that grants permits. It is up to the shooter to get the training. Do it.


I prefer to carry Inside the Waistband or Appendix as it is commonly known. This provides the highest level of concealment regardless of cover garment choice. I can wear a t-shirt and shorts or a long flannel with 5.11 pants and have the same level of concealment if my cover garment choices are solid. What’s important to remember about concealing a handgun is to not present yourself as a threat or that obvious guy carrying a gun. Your wardrobe tells a lot about you. Comfort is a challenge, but you’ll make modifications that suit you. As far as firearm selection goes, I prefer subcompact handguns. I believe that for EDC, the smaller and more concealable the better. I carry a Glock 43 and have for about five years. I run night sights with extended mags and have complete stippling. I carry a second mag as well. Everyone will learn what they like.



In areas where firearms are restricted or you don’t have a CHP, a knife will be your best friend in a self-defense situation. Knives are also useful for any cutting task that you may come across. In many states, knives that you believe would be illegal because somebody told you they were, aren’t. In Colorado, Auto Out The Front (OTF) knives are legal and can be concealed so long as the blade is under 3.5 inches. I carry a Hogue Auto OTF, S&W folder and Cold Steel neck knife as a last stand option.



The aforementioned tools serve in a self-defense or preservation of life capacity. A multitool shifts our focus towards being able to solve possible daily inconveniences that require specific tools like screwdrivers or pry tools. Most multitools also have a knife on them. I carry a Gerber.



It’s pretty hard to see in the dark, and night vision isn’t part of my EDC. Flashlights should be a no brainer for EDC. There a several scenarios that a flashlight could help you through, even if you’re going out in the day. You never know when your car will break down in the middle of nowhere and leave you stranded until the night. Check out Streamlight’s pocket sized flashlights.



If you lack medical training, get it. It’s equally important in knowing how to put holes in people as it is to plug them. Odds are, you’ll need medical equipment before you need a gun if you’re a civilian. The most crucial and basic item that should be carried is a tourniquet. It doesn’t take a lot to understand how to use one. Apply it to the bleeding appendage, high and tight. EDC medical kits come with a variety of trauma supplies, but they are useless if you lack training.


Various Other EDC

EDC can go as far as the scenarios that you come up with and mentally rehearse. Other items that I carry are lockpicking tools, counter custody equipment, a minimalist wallet and my keys on an organized D-ring.



My two cents about EDC are: Conceal everything (legally). Dress to be the gray man wherever you are. Attach everything you value, like keys and wallet to your body in some way so that they remain yours. Train. Be vigilant and practice situational awareness. Teach your loved ones to look up from their phones and look at the world around them. Plan. EDC is a toolbelt for life, and by investing thought in what you may face in a day, you’ll carry the appropriate tools.


Article by David 
US Army 2012-2015, 2018
LEO 2016-Current
LEO Special Operations 2017-2019


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