About Off Road Republic

Off Road Republic and Taco Republic merged in 2021 to create a site with the goal of bringing relevant content to the customer. Being outdoors has been pivotal in the mental health of many First Responders and members of the Military as well as Veterans. Our goal is to provide specialized training in the form of survival, weapon handling, tactical training, and overlanding all while focusing on the mental health benefits of being active and healthy. Off Road Republic's founder Brandon, a US Navy Veteran, has partnered with several colleagues to make available weekly articles and resources on the website.


Our network is vast and the amount of experience we can pull from is seemingly endless. We have members of Special Operations Forces, Infantry, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, SWAT, Paramedics, and more amongst our ranks. We value the outdoors and for many of us and our friends, being outdoors is a mental health necessity. Our focus during our growth is helping people get the resources necessary to be safe on their adventure and learn new skills. 


It was our honor to serve this great nation! Our staff is comprised of 100% US Military Veterans providing a vast range of experience to include Special Operations.